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Sorry, we are unable to provide a valuation for this address as it may be registered as a business address. A member of our Valuations Team may be able to provide more information. Book a Valuation to start the process.

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This instant value is based on local data and recently sold house prices in your area, . This is an estimate as we are unable to take the condition of your property and any improvements you may have made into consideration.

To get an accurate valuation based on a viewing of your property book an expert valuation now.

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About our property valuations

At Hawes & Co our property experts will use their local expertise and understanding of the current market to give you the best valuation for your property.

We also want to reassure you that our current valuations will be conducted in a way to keep you and our colleagues completely safe. We will ensure time in your property is kept to a minimum.

We have provided safe valuation guidance for you to review before the meeting. However if you have any concerns please give us a call to chat them through. 

We can also reassure you that it is safe to sell or rent out your property at this time and we are currently seeing high levels of interest from customers looking for new properties.