Our six step guide to operating during Covid-19

In order to keep all our customers and staff safe during this pandemic we have a simple 6 step guide as to how we carry out business. Please take a read and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch, click on the link below for details for all of our branches.


Putting your property on the market

Owners interested in putting their home on the market can contact their local Hawes & Co office  by phone or email.


At the valuations

We will carry out a physical valuation, in the appropriate PPE, whilst you are at a safe distance (i.e) in the garden or in another room.


Virtual first viewings

All first viewings will be carried out online via our Virtual Reality Tours with a member of the Hawes & Co team.


Second physical viewings

A physical second viewing can then be arranged with a member of the Hawes & Co team. 

All prospective buyers will need to have passed the relevant financial checks and, if they have a property to sell they would need to have an offer on this property. Only people ready to proceed will be able to attend a physical viewing.


Electronic offer processing

If an offer is made and accepted everything will then be completed electronically using virtual meetings.


Move in day

We will arrange all details to help you move in